Adalex UpgradesTechnology changes quickly which means that you may be faced with a telecommunications solution in need of an upgrade. Whether the parts are no longer easily available or the software is unsupported, or if you’re simply looking for a more cost-effective solution that will help your business be more efficient and take advantage of productivity tools, we can help.

Adalex Communications has an extensive inventory of telecommunications equipment to support expansion projects for any size business.

Support For Existing Systems

Sometimes you’re not ready for a full upgrade but you still need support and incremental improvements. Adalex can help. We offer ongoing support for expansion and add-on needs including engineering and configuration support.

We also offer maintenance and service agreements so that you’ll have continued support for your existing systems as you plan forward for your evolving  business needs.

If you are an existing Nortel customer we can support your system and provide parts and resources as you explore upgrade options.

Planning An Upgrade Path

As with all of our projects, we begin with a needs assessment to determine the best upgrade path for your business and then we help you choose the equipment and solutions that best suit your needs and goals.

Whether you have a single office or multiple locations throughout the country, are looking to expand your existing system or migrate to another technology or hardware option, Adalex will plan, design, implement and support your telecom needs.


Let us help you plan for business growth.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can design an upgrade path that fits your business needs.