Enterprise Business

Adalex Enterprise BusinessIn today’s demanding consumer economy, large enterprise businesses often face their biggest challenges when it comes to providing timely, efficient and cost-effective customer service.

You need manage many employees, keep geographically diverse teams on track and coordinate effectively between staff and customers at various locations.

You also have more demanding collaboration needs – from voice and video conferencing, to document and desktop sharing, chat and messaging, mobility requirements and even security needs.

Simplify processes, communicate more effectively and improve customer service.

Adalex Communucations can plan, design and implement a communications solution for your enterprise business that simplifies your processes and meets your unique business needs. We can deploy different technologies across your organizing depending on the geography and requirements of each location, from digital telephones to IP or SIP phones.

We can also provide the reporting tools that give you an in-depth look at your communications, from response time to time-on-call so you can make informed decisions about human resource allocation. Record and archive calls and messages for compliance and quality control, and collaborate effectively with fully unified communications, from desktop to laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Let us meet your unique business needs.

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