Adalex Solutions by Industry EducationHealthcare organizations from hospitals to clinics and senior care centers are focused on improving patient experience, outcomes and safety. And to make that happen it’s important to maintain clear, effective and open lines of communication.

Our communication solutions are designed to help you communicate and work in the most efficient and productive ways for your needs, whether you’re making real-time decisions to improve service on long-term ones to enhance outcomes.

Control Costs

From automated appointment reminders to robust collaboration tools we can implement solutions that mitigate common efficiency challenges with the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. We customize a solution with your budgetary needs in mind.

Control costs, ensure business continuity and improve care.

Ensure Business Continuity

Patient care doesn’t stop because of a hardware failure or weather emergency. We put systems and solutions in place to keep your communications functional even during times of crisis.

Improve Care

When communication is a priority, patients receive more effective care. We help implement solutions that enable convenient and immediate communication between staff and provide collaboration tools that allow for seamless sharing of patient information.


Let us help you improve communications and patient outcomes.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you take advantage of the latest technology at the most cost-effective prices