Voice And Data Cabling

Adalex Voice And Data CablingAdalex Communications understands the needs of businesses today that require larger bandwidths and faster speeds. These requirements are achieved by building a cabling infrastructure with the highest quality products by skilled professionals who will make it work.

Cabling Services From Modern To Historical Buildings

We have strong relationships with all of the best cabling manufacturers and our engineers practice current cabling standards and provide the highest quality end-to-end cabling solutions in the marketplace today.

Even when cabling is difficult, such as in a historical building that requires a delicate touch or in an older building that doesn’t have open walls for easy wiring, we have solutions for you.

Less intrusive options including Phybridge equipment can be used to deploy IP telephones over existing cabling infrastructure. That means the most modern technology for your business even if your space wasn’t designed for it.

Whether you need cabling for a new construction, a redesign or an existing location, we can run copper fiber, phone and computer wires to support your voice and data communication needs.

Data Cabling

  • Category 5e, 6 and 7 Data Cable Installation.
  • Computer Room & Data Center Design and Integration.
  • Server Rack Installations.
  • Patch Panel Installations & Terminations.
  • Cable Testing & Documentation.
  • Wireless Network Integration.
  • Equipment Installation & Servicing (Switches & Routers).
  • Gigabyte Network Cabling & Equipment Installation.
  • Voice Over IP Telephony Cabling.

Fiber Cabling

  • Fiber Installation Services.
  • Installation and Termination of both Single Mode and Multi Module Fiber Optic Cable.
  • Gigabyte Network Fiber Installation.


  • Traditional Coax 18/2 Fiber & Network (Wired & Wireless) Camera Installation, Service & Maintenance.
  • Security & IP Cameras and Surveillance Solutions.
  • Phone System Cabling:
  • Station Cabling: 25, 50, 100 pair backbone cables.
  • VoIP Telephony Cabling.


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