Adalex What We Do

What We Do

We at Adalex want to be your full service, comprehensive telecommunications provider. From planning and design, to sales, installation, support and maintenance, we can meet your unique telecommunication needs.

We take into consideration your industry, company size, building type and location, remote access needs, customer service methodology and budget so that we can plan design, implement, support and maintain a solution that works for you.

Adalex Communications Planning And Design

Planning And Design

Our goal is to design and build a solution that helps your business increase productivity, realize efficiencies and reduce expenses.

Adalex Communications Relocations


We ensure that your relocation goes smoothly and that your communication capabilities are up and running by the time you’re ready to do business.

Adalex Communications Sales And Installation

Sales And Installation

With a plan in place we can provide the hardware and software necessary, whether we install it on-premise, via the cloud or using a hybrid solution.

Adalex Communication Support And Maintenance

Support And Maintenance

You can count on us for the support and maintenance you need, from repairs to upgrades, disaster recovery and tech support.

Aalex Communications Upgrades


Whether you have a single office or multiple locations throughout the country, are looking to expand or migrate to another technology, Adalex can help.