Planning And Design

Adalex Planning And DesignAdalex Communications offers telephone system and data installation services to help businesses improve their communications, collaborate more effectively, be more productive and save money doing it.

New And Upgraded Telecommunications Solutions

Whether you’re looking to install a new communication system, want to upgrade, or simply want to add new components or services to your existing system, we can help.

Our professional consultants will plan and design a solution then provide installation and configuration services to meet your unique business needs.

With a needs analysis and a plan in place, we can help you implement a communications solution that goes smoothly at minimal cost to you.

Needs Analysis

Prior to installation we will provide a needs and options analysis. Here we will determine system requirements, needs for voicemail, call accounting, call center applications, video conferencing, remote access, data requirements and more.

In addition we will conduct a review of your physical site to determine any special needs or additional wiring and cabling needs. Our goal is to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and at minimal cost to you.

Save Time, Save Money

We make sure that your system is configured optimally even before we bring it to your site for installation. Everything is tested so that we can perform any fine-tuning that may be necessary after the system is fully functional.

We will also review your company’s financial situation and offer financing opportunities as well as leasing agreements to best suit your needs.


Let us plan and design a communications solution for you.

Contact us for a complementary consultation to find out how we can design a communications solution that meets your business goals.