Unified Communications

Adalex Unified CommunicationsIn today’s work environment where remote workforces, telecommuters and sales teams spend less and less time in a central office, communications can pose special challenges to businesses. As people become more mobile and geographically independent, it’s increasingly important to create an environment in which collaboration can thrive.


We integrate collaboration, mobility and messaging tools into one solution so people spend less time trying to find and manage multiple tools and more time on task.

Depending on your business needs, we can provide a number of solutions to help you be more productive, save money and work efficiently.

Adalex makes it easy for your team to interact wherever they may be by providing the tools and solutions that help people work seamlessly to meet business objectives.


Get immediate feedback as to the availability of team members. We provide solutions that will give you a visual at-a-glance indicator of whether someone is available for voice, video or chat.

Make quick decisions about your communication choices and improve collaboration, productivity and response time to customers.

Video And Web Conferencing

Initiate conference calls on the fly or schedule them in advance, whether you need audio, video, web collaboration or all three. Easily access and manage a remote team as if you were working from the same room.

Secure Chat

No time for voice calls? Or perhaps your work environment isn’t conducive to talking. With our secure chat tools you can easily and privately communicate with team members.

Desktop And Document Sharing

Long gone are the days when you needed to hover over someone’s shoulder to see what was on their computer monitor. Our solutions provide you with simple sharing and collaboration tools that will make it seem like you’re working from the same office. Share and switch between desktops, even share documents and files quickly and easily.

Voicemail To Email

Never miss another message again. Send voicemail directly to your email in audio and text format, so you can listen, read and respond effectively. Manage voice, email and fax messages from one interface, on one device.


Let us simplify and improve your business communications.

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation and we’ll show you how a custom tailored solution can improve the way your team works, save you time, money and keep everyone connected.