Adalex Solutions by Industry EducationRetailers must contend with issues from cost control to inventory management, seasonal fluctuations and eCommerce. And with the real-time demands of empowered consumers, effective communications is more important than ever.

Adalex Communications understands the varying and sometimes unpredictable needs of retailers so we make it a priority to customize solutions that fit your unique business needs, from customer loyalty to employee communication and store operations.

Improve Internal Communications

Collaboration tools like audio and video conferencing, document sharing and secure chat can help make your team more productive and keep everyone informed of store activities.

Improve communications, control costs and improve customer service.

Control Costs

With reporting and forecasting tools, you can plan ahead to make more effective decisions. We also offer hardware solutions that are designed to be deployed cost effectively throughout retail chain locations.

Improve Customer Service

Whether a customer has a question about a product that requires inquiries outside your department or location or you run mobile apps that direct customers to items or sales in-store, our solutions are designed to improve your response time and simplify communications when you need them most.

We can also help you deploy an effective contact center with real time reporting that can help with call routing, response time and more.


Save time, control costs and improve customer service.

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