Cloud Service

Adalex Cloud ServiceIf you think that phones and communication systems are all about the hardware, think again. Your communication solution is no longer limited by the hardware you’ve invested in or the budget you have to house it all.

In today’s communication environment, the cloud can deliver robust, scalable and cost-effective solutions when and how you need them.

Solutions For All Business Sizes

Small businesses can enjoy subscription-based services that roll hardware, software, infrastructure and support into one full service package.

You get the experience of working from your office even when you’re on the road or working remotely. Never worry again about upgrades and maintenance.

Large companies can get all the tools you need for voice, collaboration, conferencing and more, all hosted in the cloud. Reduce IT expenses and enjoy seamless communications anywhere, from any device.

Reduce operating expenses and eliminate the need for time consuming and costly upgrades to hardware and infrastructure.

Reduce Expenses

With no hardware to upgrade and maintain, you can reduce operating expenses and with a fully managed cloud service you can cut down your IT costs, too.

Upgrades are automatic and included in your service – no need to rip out and replace hardware or infrastructure.

Focus On Your Business

With no hardware to worry about, you can free up your resources to focus on your core business goals. Cloud services incorporate redundancies that keep your communications systems functioning so that you have access to the people and information you need, when you need it. Work seamlessly anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Let us show you how effective cloud communications can be.

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