Business Continuity

Business ContinuityAt Adalex we put redundancies in place to mitigate disaster and keep your business communication system functional. That may mean redundant hard drives and power supplies, backup circuits, hardware relocation plans and more.

Plan Ahead

We’re prepared for and experienced in managing disaster recovery efforts across premise wiring, network and enterprise solutions, government solutions, telecom operations and wireless operations. We evaluate and document your system then plan for emergencies with preparedness solutions that give you peace of mind knowing your voice, email and other communication services will be online when you need them.

Being prepared is critical to maintaining business continuity in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Get Support

Our technicians, engineers, management and office professionals have the skills needed to handle almost any situation and we are dedicated to working with telecom service providers through disaster awareness, exercises or drills.

Recover Quickly

When time is of the essence, a single call to Adalex Communications can enlist the team required to restore service quickly.


Let us help you plan for disaster before it strikes.

Find out how we can put continuity plans in place so you can have peace of mind knowing your business will be running even in the event of a disaster.